The W-fest performance of this mythic band on May 22nd will celebrate their 40th anniversary.

Founding member Rusty Egan and FADE TO GREY (& Gary Numan Keyboardist) Chris Payne have joined forces to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Midge Ure and Rusty Egan deliberated for months on who could take on guitar and lead vocals in a 4 man line up, not a lead singer band line up but a performance of the music of early Visage.

Rusty : ‘In 1980 Steve Strange was the chosen Visage [the face] and we would be the music. Visage 1980 - 2020 is all about the music and we found just the man for the job’. Now it's going to be very nonstopelectronicsynthpop80'ssound&vision.

Visage promises a 90 min show which will feast your eyes and ears. Await an audiovisual show which will last in your memories for decades to come ! A must see, once in a lifetime experience !