Psyche (CAN, DE)

  • Date: 17-08-2019
  • Time: 16:45-17:35
  • Stage: Synth Scene


Psyche are a Canadian dark synthpop band, now based in Germany. They are centered on singer Darrin Huss, who has been the only constant member, with various line-ups including his brother Stephen Huss, later followed by David Kristian, Per-Anders Kurenbach, and Remi Szyszka, all recording albums with Darrin under the name Psyche.

Pysche is een Canadese dark syntpop band, die nu gevestigd is in Duitsland. De band draait voornamelijk rond hun zanger Darrin Huss, het enige constante lid. De andere groepen bestonden onder andere uit zijn broer Stephen Huss, later gevolgd door David Kristian, Per-Anders Kurenbach en Remi Szyszka, die allemaal samen met Darrin albums opnamen onder de naam Psyche.

PSYCHE are Canada's best known Dark Synthpop act. An enduring legend of independent electronic music. From cold harsh industrial, through warm synthpop, dancefloor minimal, dark wave, and beyond.

After underground success with "The Brain Collapses", the big Eurohit "Unveiling The Secret" followed, and PSYCHE has since then continued to release a variety of songs and albums enveloping every facet of the electronic pop music genre. Various members have collaborated with Darrin to continued his ground breaking song collection from "Misery", to the renowned cover of "Goodbye Horses", to "Sanctuary", and finally what can be heard on "The 11th Hour"

Hitting the Nr. 1 spot on Germany's Alternative charts with their last album "The 11th Hour", as well as storming the clubs with the recent "Unveiling The Secret 2.0"PSYCHE continue their legend with their first ever DVD comprising of a history lesson that takes the viewer from the early beginnings all the way up to a live festival performance of their beloved cover hit "Goodbye Horses" in 2005. 

"Imaginary Life" is the name of the DVD. Creating new life and excitement on stage is their program.

PSYCHE has released 11 albums, and 3 best of's. Their songs have appeared on compilations worldwide in their original and remixed versions throughout the years enticing generations with each new discovery.

PSYCHE began 2008 with "Disorder" a Joy Division cover released as a limited 7" single, and presented their audience with this, and a new version of "Eternal" as an example of their latest sound development adding some guitar into the mix!

Songwriter and vocalist Darrin Huss is renowned for his passionate stage performance and continues to thrill audiences with his diverse collection of material, style and presentation.