Escape With Romeo (DE)

  • Date: 17-08-2019
  • Time: 17:45-18:35
  • Stage: Wave Cave


Escape With Romeo is a German rock band, formed in Cologne in 1989. They describe their sound as “Post punk meets modern electronica”. Escape With Romeo’s music is characterized by the guitar sound of Thomas Elbern in combination with electronic elements.

Escape With Romeo is een Duitse rockband, opgericht in Keulen in 1989. Ze beschrijven hun muziekstijl als “Post punk meets modern electronica”. Escape With Romeo’s muziek wordt gekenmerkt door de gitaarstukken van Thomas Elbern in combinatie met elektronische elementen.

Final Tour 2019    

The Journey started nearly 30 years ago: Atari computers, Drummachines, 4 Track Recorder, urntable, guitar and bass and a lot of  musical ideas. With his project "Escape with Romeo" the ideas of Cologne based guitarist and singer Thomas Elbern became reality.

The first record was released in 1989 and from here things start moving: their song "Somebody" hits the clubs.

and EWR became a full band, touring and playing in Germany, creating a huge fanbase.

As you can see in the last video, which is a remake of that classic song "Rattle in your cages" from 1992, Thomas Elbern, Singer, Songwriter and Gitarrist vanishes in the desert.

2018 did mark the start for the final tour.

As a classic 4 piece (Git, Bass, Key, Drums) they will play destinations for a last and the first time,  where they have made fans and friends. Spain, Poland, Switzerland and lots of destinations in germany and now Belgium.

And for W-Festival they will play all their classic songs that made them so popular in the dark wave and electronic scene one last time in Belgium.


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