Tristesse Contemporaine (JP, SE, GB)

  • Date: 15-08-2019
  • Time: 15:05-15:45
  • Stage: Synth Scene


Through friendship and compatibility, Narumi (Tokyo), Léo (Stockholm) and Maik (East London) decided to start a band in 2009. They soon needed to record in order to back up their spontaneous ideas, their imagination and their powerful drafts. The demos resulting from their recording sessions were like nothing before although they were clearly inspired by the Talking Heads (Fear of Music), Young Marble Giant (Collossal Youth) and The Cure (17 seconds). Raw and minimalist, mesmeric and catchy, pop and melancholic, they seized the hazes of shoegaze, krautrock and madchester to compose the soundtrack of an era lost in the night.

Par amitié et affinités, Narumi, Léo et Maik décident de monter un groupe en 2009. Ils ont besoin d'enregistrer vite afin de conserver la spontanéité, l'inventivité et la force des esquisses. Les démos qui résultent de leurs sessions ne ressemblent à rien d'existant même si les fantômes des Talking Heads (""Fear of Music"), de Young Marble Giant ("Collossal Youth") ou des Cure ("17 Seconds") planent au-dessus de leurs têtes.