How to?

How to?

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‘If we took a holiday, took some time to celebrate’

Despite the cold weather, many of you are already making plans for the summer.

We are happy to give you guys some tips and tricks for a guaranteed careless summer.

Here’s our first ‘how to’ … How to get to W-Festival!


Meyskens David's top 3
  1. Winning - The Sound
  2. Cold - The Cure
  3. Can't live in a livingroom - Red Zebra


monchy laurence's top 3
  1. close to me ( the cure)
  2. blue monday (new order)
  3. love like blood (killing joke)


Martens Geert's top 3
  1. Pictures of you (The Cure)
  2. Lips like sugar(Echo&The Bunnymen)
  3. She sells sanctuary(The Cult)

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