Ultranoire Announces New Ep ‘Isolation’ out December 25, 2018

Ultranoire Announces New Ep ‘Isolation’ out December 25, 2018

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Ultranoire, the German/Hungarian duo continue to grow in popularity with the Hungarian and International dark underground music scene. Are planning to follow up on the success of their critically acclaimed second album Intronaut by releasing their long awaited EP of new material “Isolation” at Christmas 2018.

Ultranoire approaches contemporary electro-noir music and vintage synthpop from its darker side combining smooth sensual baritone vocals with some gloomy, cold mid tempo electronic sounds. The new EP Isolation intended as a forerunner to a planned third studio album in 2019 is an ambitious mid-tempo synthesis with a little deeper tone than their previous work.

The lyrics are characterised by easily opening metaphores and vocal images. Josef Stapel, the band’s lead singer, songwritrer and producer says that the Isolation material provides a glimpse into a destopian ‘Nice New World’. The new songs represent nothing more than the liberal-minded songwriter’s difficult relationship with an illiberal, anxious, self-centred and isolated world. Created in Hungary the sound was consciously designed to invoke the synth wave mood of the last 30 years and will be available from December 25, 2018 as digital download released by ScentAir Records.

Tracklist of the extended play Isolation:
1. Fading Into You • 2. Shell We Live In • 3. State Controlled Illusions

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Digital album — available from 25/12/2018

Artist interviews by Luminous Dash

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