Dear W-fest visitors, W-fest believers, W-fest fans,

Dear music lovers,

On March 10th we still had full confidence to let W-fest 2020 (and related concerts) take place on the set dates in May. Today it is definitely ‘good management’ to ensure the health of the W-fest family 100% and to bring out our plan B, the shift of our events to the summer of 2020.

That’s why, at the end of last week our team got started to re-build W-fest 2.0 on August 14th to 17th of this year, the familiar, extended W-fest Ascension weekend.

We have been able to achieve this, thanks to the support of the entire W-fest team and our suppliers!

The line-up was adjusted according to the availability of the bands and we are proud to be able to communicate that almost every headliner has remained on board ! What’s more, we’ve managed to add one iconic band, as the magic ending of W-fest 2020. More information on this can be found on our line-up.

Even though we know that the new scenario will not match 100% for everyone - a few bands can no longer be included in the new set up - we count on your massive support and presence to make this W-fest edition – our 5th anniversary – an unforgettable experience. Because we are sure of one thing in these uncertain times: W-fest will remain yoùr festival!

You already have a ticket?

Read the info below carefully. There, you can find all the information about how to convert your current ticket to a new one. If you have another question –not ticket related – you can contact our W-fest hotline at the number 0032465035524 (NL) and 0032465033341 (FR/EN/DE/IT).

  1. Have your ticket ready
  2. Click Swap tickets
  3. Read the text on this page carefully
  4. Please enter your name and email address.
  5. Select your current ticket(s), enter the order number and choose the date when you wish to visit W-fest in August. 
  6. Press ‘send’, your ticket(s) has (have) been adjusted!

Parking tickets, f&b vouchers, Full W-fest tickets (4 days) do not need to be changed and remain 100 % valid !

I would like to end on a personal note: the past 5 years have not been ‘easy’ but very intense & special. The past week, the 100 stubborn W-fest collaborators worked very hard behind the scenes to make the switch to August possible. To guarantee the long life of W-fest. Because W-fest is a part of our soul. Because W-fest is more than just a music festival. Today and tomorrow we take your support and appreciation to heart. Together we will make it through this period. Keep promoting, supporting and visiting W-fest en masse!

For now keep safe, stay healthy, stay at home and feel free to listen to our W-Fest 2020 Covid 19 stay-at-home lists.



Erik & the W-fest team