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It almost sounds incredible, but you’re already music for four decades. I guess I’m talking to a veteran, but joking aside: what’s the difference between then and now?
Thirty years ago wave was even present in the top 40 , so it attracted a lot of  new kids on the block. The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Sisters Of Mercy, OMD, Ultravox etc. were all in the charts .  Now it is a musical choice , a way of life almost because you won’t find it even near to a top 40 position.

The day you released your debut Subsequent Pleasures, have you ever thought one moment that this would be a career and even more that you would create a genre which would inspire many other bands?
We are surely facing a post-punk/darkwave/synth revival as more and more new bands pop-up and there are noticeable dark influences on the newer styles of electronic music.
Music should always evolve and add some fresh ideas to older ones. That is  evolution of music. All musical genres have their predecessors and build on that. That keeps people interested and willing to listen to something new.

Every album has a certain Xymox-sound, but in a way it seems like you always try to come up with a different Xymox-sound. I even think that all your albums have a different mood, but Days Of Black surely was one of the most dark ones you made. How come? You almost sound sarcastic, Ronny.
Being active in and outside the band with music and keep a healthy interest in what other people do . That way you keep yourself recent and involved. The main thing however is to follow your own taste and style. That is the only convincing route you can take. All other is just a waste of time. The blue print or idea if you like is that with Clan Of Xymox the balance between the use of keyboards and guitars / bass could go either way , combined or focused more or less. That gives you a great liberty in song writing and I don’t feel so restricted to one approach. This album is a perfect balance to me. It fits perfectly with previous albums in its purest form (and the entire back catalogue for that matter) .

How were the reactions to this album?
Most excellent . It seems to have struck a chord in old and new fans alike. People react really responsive when we play some songs live of the album. That is always a good indication as well.

In fact, Clan Of Xymox almost has become your alter ego. Is Clan Of Xymox the dark side of Ronny Moorings?
Of course. One key essential aspect of writing music is trying to delve into this darker side.

What inspires you when writing on a song? Apart from the death of your dad, it seems like the last album was the soundtrack of a world gone mad.
The music I make is in general not political, once and a while I have a theme like this, but so far nothing to do with current situations. The only song I wanted to say something against the brutal slaughter of our few surviving wildlife is the song “ What Goes Around” . A young girl posing proudly with a gun in he hand on Facebook with her latest kills and being proud of it. This day and age , unbelievable. You’d think everyone knows by now  that most species are on the brink of extinction. I rather make timeless music, something you can relate to later,  after date. That is with politics often not the case. It gets dated pretty fast.

It’s like you’re making every two years a new album. Is that a sort of system, in fact are you already writing new material for the upcoming album?
No , not at the moment.  We are so busy with live shows up to 2020 , that I think there is little time left for writing new music. I think I a going to break the 2 to 3 year rule this time.

The Xymox-songs are made all by yourself. What comes first, the music and then the lyrics? 
A little bit of both , depending on the song.  In most cases the music comes first and triggers the lyrical mood.

It’s obvious how many bands react with Clan Of Xymox if I ask them who has inspired them. How does it feel that other artists see you as inspiration?
There couldn’t be a bigger compliment then that.

I know this question is almost impossible to answer, but I take my bet. Which album by Clan Of Xymox means most of you?
Always the last one for the reason that it is the freshest and thus the most exiting for me.

You recently did a tour in the US which looked insane because of all those sold out shows. What’s the most crazy venue of place you ever played?
Not in the USA but Mexico City , The Sports Arena. (Arena Ciudad de México )There were over 20.000 people going crazy over our music. Walking on each other heads trying to reach the stage. That still gives me goose bumps when I think of it. We used some live recordings of that plus the picture of the night on our LIVE album. ( year 2000)

Talking about concerts. The next upcoming concert in Belgium is at W-Fest. What can we expect?
We don’t know what to expect.  In any case the line ups for the festival are epic. We will do our best as always. I don’t want to give an descriptive song list . Things have to remain a mystery until the night of the concert.

Any acts on the festival you’d like to see at W-Fest?
As many as we can see and haven’t seen before.

Winter or summer? 
Autumn and Spring

What do you prefer at a festival: beer, ice cream or French fries?
A good whisky

The last words are yours. 
I hope all Belgians will come to the festival and show the world that there is a healthy alternative scene in Belgium. I am sure of it!

Interview by Luminous Dash