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Dark Side Eons

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Over here Dark Side Eons isn’t that known, so please introduce yourself and tell us what your music is about.
We are Kate and Leszek – an Electro-Industrial / Dark Wave duo from Poland. Our music is basically a fusion of ourselves, our musical tastes and our skills. Dark Side Eons is all about the cycles of life and death in the universe, we can say – the balance and harmony between darkness and light.

Originally the band was a solo project by Leszek „Morph” Trzaska. How did Kate became involved?
Leszek had lots of ideas and wrote lots of songs but to perform live it was impossible to arrange all the instruments we use. Kate was playing piano in the past, she loves alternative music and she is also a DJ so it was the best option to sign her in. Including the fact that Leszek and Kate are together – that really helps when we work on our music.

I guess the addition of Kate made Dark Side Eons completely different?
Not completely, she brought a new point of view, new ideas and we think “woman taste” ? We’ve turned a little bit closer from Electro-Industrial to other genres like dark wave / minimal wave / gothic rock but that came naturally we think.

The band is quite new. Formed in 2015 if my information is correct, but in such short time you have achieved a lot, even playing at some big festivals. Satisfied?
We started playing live shows in November at the end of 2014. We must say that we are very happy to see how the band expands. And yes, we’re satisfied how it all goes. We must say at this point that we are very grateful to our fans – they made lots of work to help us.

You are influenced by many styles, from goth rock to minimal wave. Is this what makes the band different from so many others?
Music is always around us, we cannot start a day without putting something to our player. Also we do not frame our work, we just try to feel it. The most important thing that binds our music is the endless space and this scary void; the sounds that we use must give the audition a feeling of a space travel or being lost in space. Also we must add that Leszek was a bassist and singer in thrash / metalcore band for 16 years and now he prefers Industrial Metal, Dark Wave, Aggrotech styles, Kate is more into Batcave, Post-Punk and Cold Wave so imagine the fusion of all this genres – that’s us, that’s Dark Side Eons and yes, we think that this combination is different.

You are currently working on your newest album. Any idea of an exact date?
The release date is delayed because of the spine injuries Leszek got for 7 months. It totally stopped all our work, but now everything is ok, songs are ready and we wait for the replies from the labels, they will arrange the date, we can just say that we really want it to be autumn / winter 2018.

Will the new one be different from your debut Eclipse?
We think it will be more mature and more personal. Most of songs are written when Leszek was in pain with his spine – so it can be heard in the sounds we used we think. But there will still be fast songs, songs to sing with audience, depressive songs, like usual. Also we get the feeling that there is a little bit less screaming vocals than it was on “Eclipse”. And the most important thing is that on “Eclipse” we had songs written from 2012 – 2015. On our newest album all songs are from the same period so the album will be more consistent.

There’s definitely a hard and harsh edge in Dark Side Eons. Anger is an energy?
Yes and it’s on the same path with love. They are the best friends and they hate to be divided. And about the anger we use in our band – we don’t think it’s pure “anger” from its source. It comes mostly from the nonsense of life and the emptiness the world provides, the things that humanity is doing wrong and all that stuff. We do not agree and we need to transform our feelings into music. From the other side – Leszek was playing thrash metal for most of his life so maybe habits remain ?

With W-Fest, it’ll be the second time you’ll play in Belgium. What’s your impression about this tiny country?
Actually it would be the third time, we’ve played at Dubhfest in Oosterzele and half year later a gig in Roeselare. We must say that your audience is great and very friendly. We made lots of friends and we are in love with your architecture ?

While we’re talking about it, what can you say about the Polish music scene?
Polish scene is very sophisticated, we have lots of great musicians, bands but we need newcomers, fresh blood – both bands and fans. There were better times for a goth scene in Poland in the past – the same in metal music, the same in all kinds of alternative music. Now we get the feeling that the scene needs a solid kick in the butt to move on. And we try to do that.

Which bands are you currently following?
Bands that we grew up on and are closest to our hearts are: The Cure, Clan of Xymox, The Sisters of Mercy, Diary of Dreams, Covenant, Samael and many many more, we really like the atmosphere and their sounds. Very often we listen to something different like Clannad, Loreena Mac Kennit, Enya and Dead Can Dance.

Any acts you want to see yourself at W-Festival?
Everyone, the line-up is so fantastic that we don’t know when we will be having time to eat ?

Tell us why people definitely should check out Dark Side Eons at W-Fest.
You will hear the heavy beats, guitars, sophisticated vocals and you will receive lots of energy. We will wake you up, we will tune you into the sounds of the festival, and you will get lots of energy for the rest of days.

What do you prefer on a festival : ice cream, beer or French fries?
If it would be Duvel – beer ?

What is your favourite record of all time and please state why.
Leszek – Samael « Passage » it was the time when I started to built my personal view on my life and the whole universe. I was fascinated by buddism and occultism at the same time. That album fits to that.
Kate – The Cure « Disintegration » why ? Because it is one of the best albums ever made ?

With who would you want to be alone in an elevator for 8 hours and what would you do then?
With ourselves ? the rest is your imagination…

The last words are yours…
Thank you, come see us on Thursday at W-Festival at 16PM. Don’t forget to visit our fanpage facebook.com/darksideeons. See you!

Interview by Luminous Dash