She Pleasures Herself

She Pleasures Herself

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Let’s start with the question you answer 100 times. The band’s name She Pleasures Herself. Why did you choose it and I guess not everybody was happy with it?
We chose that name because it´s a strong one, we wanted a name that could express that a “Band/Woman” can pleasures herself in several ways . The band members are all good with the name and all the people that work with us like it too. We had some problems in the beginning with some platforms to put out our music online , but now everything is ok.

Beside the name, there is also your looks and videos. Something inside me says you lick to kick ass, not?
Hahaha , we love to kick ass . With this band (and even in some other bands that we played before) we always try to create a line between the music , the “Looks” and the imagery in photos and videos. With She Pleasures Herself we mix it all into one subversive world and we want all our fans and the people that cross our path to experience it…fully!!!

Strange question, but I’d like to ask. Do you think there are any limits or do you think everything must be possible?
Everybody dreams about a world where you can be free …but that´s utopic…But yes we love to exceed the limit , to look what´s beyond those “social” limits… And just to see people faces once you transgress…You got limits everywhere, on the roads , in your house , in your daily job …but sometimes when you break that chain even for a minute you can really be free. It can be cathartic. We want to be therapeutic and take all our listeners and fans to experience a free world , where you can fulfill your desires or simply be taken into a dreamworld while you listen to our record or watch our show.

The band is quite young, but in such a short time, you have achieved a lot. How come that everything went so quick?
Yes our band it´s quite young , but we’re all kind of “old” in the scene because we all played in other bands before. I think our achievements are related to the fact that people like us and can relate themselves with our debut record “ fetish “…and because we work a lot!

As you state yourself, the band is hard to fit in one box. Is this one of the reason why She Pleasures Herself is creating such a buzz?
Ahahahahah are we??? buzz??? hihihi If you say so … but let me remind you that all of us are still working on our daily jobs … And though music is an important part of our lifes it still doesn’t pay the bills. But we are very pleased thatthe band got a little hype yes, we are on a few lists of the best records of 2017 along with some big names in the “scene” and that is a honour for us. Like we said before, we work a lot to deliver the best for all the people that like us.

You’re heading from Lisbon It’s hard for me to think of any other similar band from there, so I guess we can’t speak of any scene. Outsiders?
Yes we are from Lisbon , and we got a scene here , lots of great bands , 2 dark clubs , a big dark party called Graveyard Thrills , gigs from A TO Z and lots of good festivals and one of them it´s “unique” in the world and it’s called ENTREMURALHAS Castle party in Leiria . We can leave you some names that maybe you already listened to and don´t know that they are Portuguese bands : our ex-band UNI_FORM , MOONSPELL, PAPER ROAD ,IAMTHESHADOW,THE DREAMS NEVER END, SUPREME SOUL , RAINY DAYS FACTORY , ANARCHICKS , THE GIFT and so on.

You’re all quite young people and yet you seem to be influenced by a lot of 80’s-bands. How did you discover those?
That´s cool to hear and yes we can look quite young …but the truth is that we are ageless. But yes we love the 80´s.

If we’re informed well, it’ll be the first time you will play in Belgium? I guess you’re pretty excited about it ?
Ahahahh sorry but you are not quite well informed. We already played in Belgium in Brussels in club Garcia lLrca supporting the solo project of Lebanon Hannover’s William Maybeline – QUAL . But we are pretty excited to play in Ghent , we have never been there and it´s quite a big venue Hope we can come back to play in W – FESTIVAL too…hihihi

In fact what do you know about Belgium?
We know Brussels very well, because we played there for 3 times with our old band and one with SPHS , we have made quite good friends in Brussels. We love the Belgium football too , and of course the beer.

Tell us why people have to check out the band during Winterfest…
First of all people need to listen us ,our record Fetish and then check us live , because we are more than “just a band” and we always love to surprise our audience.

Are there any bands you would like to see at Winterfest?
Yes of course , we want to see all that we can. In special our friends from The Hermetic Electric and Luminance. And the simply amazing headliners The Alarm and Wolfgang Flür.

What do you prefer : sex, drugs or rock ’n roll?
Sex and a small package of drugs so we can handle the life of Goth and roll

What is your favorite record of all time and please state why?
We can´t put just one , we put  four One for each element: The Cure – Disintegration / Depeche Mode – Violator / Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures / The Human League – Dare. Because that 4 albums were the reason why we started making music

With who would you want to be alone in an elevator for 8 hours and what would you do then ?
Once more we put four persons/icons to be 8 hours in a elevator with the band :IAN CURTIS , GANDHI , FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE AND FREUD. Talking about life and death

The last words are yours…
Thanks for this chance to promote our work , it was a big pleasure for us to be part of this, hope you enjoy it. Be happy, beautiful and free.

Interview by Didier Becu - Luminous Dash