The Hermetic Electric

The Hermetic Electric

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Hello the band is formed in 2013. Lots of things have happened during those five years. What do you consider to be the highlight of your career so far
Elfi: Every time we played was a highlight, even in the studio when we create something .We try to make every rehearsal better.
Holly: We hope the highlight is a part of our future !

The Hermetic Electric are a band from Wallonia. Apart from The Breath Of Life I can think of many other new wave and post punk bands in the French part of Belgium. I guess in some way you’re outsiders?
Holly: We do not feel we belong to one or the other category. We make our music by staying very far from these considerations …

Is it easy for a band like yours to get gigs?

Holly: It’s not easy, gender partitioning is so ubiquitous everywhere we often hear that we are not enough this or that…

The band is a trio. Who does what if it in terms of writing songs?
Elfi: For the EP 3 I made my first notes on keyboard and the lyrics. For Feel Nothing it’s an another dimension technicaly I play keyboard and I wrote some lyrics but we made It with our three feelings.

Where does your inspiration comes from?
Elfi: It come from the inside, from everyday’s life with love and family on this crazy world

The music surely refers to the 80s, especially the cold Factory-sound. Was this label and its bands a big inspiration for you?
Holly: Yes and no ! I like the Martin Hannet’s work on the Joy Division records, but I dislike bands like Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses.

Last year you released your first album after some EP’s. How were the reactions?
Elfi: Really cool I love to hear what the people think about our music.
Holly: Some goods reactions from many Europeans country, but nothing from Wallonia !

As I think the band has an international sound, have you got any reaction from there?
Holly: We played in many Europeans countries since 2014… we hope to play again in more countries this year.

Apart from the cold wave influences, there is also a sort influences from bands like Massive Attack. Do you agree on that?
Holly: Right, trip-hop is the only thing i remember from the 90’s (lol).

It’s obvious you’re not the kind of band who opts for 3 minute songs, Feel Nothing is almost like ten minutes. I guess atmosphere stands above the classic song structure?
Holly: Yes, we like the atmospheric sound … like a landscape where our songs make things happen.Songs with a classical structure don’t interest us

You will be playing at Winterfest. Can you tell us why people should see you?
Elfi: Because we want to see them! If they want to discover our universe and the atmosphere, we’ll be very excited to play.
Holly: Our concerts in Belgium are now rare, so do not miss us (laughs)

Are there any acts in particular you’d like to see at Winterfest?
Holly: I hope to see all acts ! If one is boring I go outside for a smoke (laughs).

Choose between sex, drugs and rock ’n roll.
Elfi: Hahaha it’s a package! So if I choose… Sex
Holly: Both !

What’s your favourite record of all time and please state why.
Elfi: A Thousand Suns by Linkin Park, It’s a concept album more electronic than the others. When the first sound begin I can’t stop it until the end…
Holly: Humm…not one, but many records are favourites…timeless record like Bowie’s  Low, The Cure’s second record Seventeen Seconds, Loveless by My Bloody Valentine and many others… but it changes according to my moment mood… My 2017 favoritre record is V by The Horrors.

With who wouldn’t you mind to be alone in an elevator for 8 hours and what would you do then?
Elfi: With Holly Nab and I don’t tell you what we do
Holly: Yes ! Can’t wait this happy accident (laughs).

The last words are yours…
Elfi: We are very excited to see You at Winterfest XXxxX

Interview by Didier Becu - Luminous Dash