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Hello Simi, 2018 surely must be a big year for you with a new album coming up. Can you tell us something about it?
Yes indeed, 2018 should be a crucial year for me, as I will, like you say, release a new, but also last album. Tittle says it all, “La Terre est Noire” (The earth is black), which describes my vision of a worrying future ! The main theme’s are death, extinction of wildlife and nature, egocentrism, greed and isolation … to name but a few !
It’s my way to end up a beautiful and complex chapter of my life, in order to start a new one. Not sure yet what the new one will be like, but I’m only concentrating on the album right now !

I guess we can say something like a Simi Nah-sound exists. In which way does the new album differs from your previous releases?
Maybe because it will reunite all the previous influences in just one album ! With a “back to the roots” priority, like French lyrics, soft and whispering voices, and maybe because after all those years looking for the woman inside of me (Cherchez la Femme / First album), I finally found what I was looking for, and I’m sorry to say it isn’t as pretty as I thought !

Simi Nah is the strong collaboration between two people. Can you tell us how a Simi Nah-song comes to live, who does what?
There is no particular rule, but still it almost ends up the same way ! Kenny, my partner in crime, has an extreme talent to write the perfect music that fits my emotions at the right moment ! Usually, he comes up with some ideas, I turn them into my head, and suddenly the lyrics come just as they were meant to be ! Happiness doesn’t do the trick for me, I need to be isolated, asocial and distressed to be able to write. And believe me, being distressed is not a problem at all those days in a such a deranged society.

We definitely can say your music has its roots in the 80’s-sound. How important is that decade for you?
That’s the only one that fed me ! All what happened before was just lullabies to make me fall asleep; all what happened after was just background music in café’s or at the fair ! But in the 80’s, I was able to mate with music in an indescribable way and it kept feeding me all my life !

A lot of  people compare your music with Mylène Farmer. Agree on here? I do as well, as it’s like perfect pop with a high dose of melancholy you’re making….
I shall take this as a compliment. Mylène is a very talented artist, musically, her voice is unique, her lyrics are just subtle, so yes, I like the idea and the comparison, even thought I do not try to copy her in any kind of way ! I suppose a French woman and melancholic lyricist / musician is bound to pass this comparison.

In fact who are your great musical examples?
There is too much to mention, but Gainsbourg springs to mind, for his deep and intense lyrics, the way he plays with words and puts them into innocent melodies …

Melancholy is certainly of your trademarks, I guess it’s build in your body, not?
Melancholy is indeed implanted in my deepest soul, there is no way I can change this. I’m only trying to get the best out of it, by writing sad and depressive lyrics in a such a glamour way, that only those who read between the lines can understand the true meaning of it

Where does your inspiration comes from?
Everyday life, everyday beauty and misery, everyday people who stare at you in the train, mostly from frustration and anger … as far as I can remember, I never wrote a happy song, there is always a hidden gloomy message behind it !

You soon will be performing at Winterfest. Why should people come to see your show?
Because half of our set will be new songs from the upcoming album; because we will play more guitars and bass in this set; because we are more than ever determined to give the best out of ourselves for one of our lasts gigs.

Any bands you like to see in particular that day?
If we can make it : The Breath of Life
We can make it : Wolfgang Flur

And as final question: do you prefer summer or winter?
Without a doubt summer ! It is the time I just can stay outside all day long, enjoying nature and wild animals, taking care of my vegetable garden and walk along the French forest to get inspiration … and write music again when the winter comes, but in a different way !

Interview by Didier Becu - Luminous Dash


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