Through the years The Cure has crowned itself to one of the most influential New Wave bands in music history. Though more of a post-punk band in the early years, The Cure exploded onto international fame in the late 80’s and 90’s with more pop friendly hits like Just Like Heaven and Friday I’m in Love. After 40 years the musical legacy of The Cure is enormous and seeds have been planted in various music styles: post-punk, new wave, gothic music, pop, rock. The Cure got away with everything. Unfortunately since the mid 90’s The Cure is not very productive anymore and do not tour a lot. That’s why the obsCURE wants to bring tribute to The Cure and wants to make sure the heritage remains. A live performance of the obsCURE does not only give you the sound of The CURE, but also gives the audience a real CURE experience and feel with a lot of respect for the original songs. The obsCURE is without doubt the most complete Cure Tribute band you will find which is closest to the “real thing”. Close your eyes and feel the dark, the melancholic, the rocky, the poppy, the wavy and all other alter ego’s of these British icons.

Especially for Sinner’s Day Special the obsCURE will bring you back to the 1979-1984 Cure period.