Time can have a strange effect on music. It puts certain aspects in perspective and makes others redundant. Things that are important at first, no longer matter over the years, while superficial details seem to become more valuable.

Enter The Neon Judgement. Dirk Da Davo's and TB Frank's band certainly has been affected by this double time-effect. Although these Belgian Leuven-based musicians have often been considered the founding fathers of EBM (Electronic Body Music), the high-tech genre form the early 80'ies, combining industrial and electro music, from which later originated new beat and techno... About a quarter of a century after the first single ‘Factory Walk’ (1982) The Neon Judgement appears to be overtaking time. The band's creative model – electronic music with a rock approach – now exists in many forms and varieties. Furthermore The Neon Judgement's music seems to have been rediscovered by a new and younger generation of hip musicians from all over the world. Today, renowned artists such as Dave Clarke, The Hacker en Tiga often emulate the bands early work (1981 – 1985)

Although time seemed to have forgotten about The Neon Judgement, it also reinstated the band as a hot act. The rough 80'ies wave music inspires today's hip electro-pop. Finally the band is credited for its groundbreaking pioneering work, and even after 25 years the music is far from being outdated. In other words: ahead of its time. Other remarkable fact: as the band's music is a progressive mix of electronics and guitars, The Neon Judgement now appears both on all the important rock festivals (e.g. Dour) and dance-events (e.g. 10 Days Off). Mission accomplished!

Live, The Neon Judgement will continue to give art terrorism a good name, finding new ways of marrying noise and beauty, machines and magic. This aggressive heart keeps on beating.

Light up a legend!