´╗┐ W-Festival - Lords of Acid

Lords of Acid

  • Time: 22:40-23:40
  • Stage: Wave Cave

One of the pioneers of the genre, the belgian Lords of Acid
Maurice Engelen founded the band in 1988, the first single was I Sit on Acid and that is still a club hit to this day.
After the success of that first single they recorded the album Lust, especially for the American market. 

On their new album Pretty In Kink you can hear the well-known Lords of Acid ingredients: raw techno, electroclash and of course new beat influences. It is also an introduction of the new singer Marieke Bresseleers, who is of course assisted by Praga Khan and Erhan Kurkun.

They are known for their eccentric shows and texts and they close wave cave on Sunday... Gimme gimme what I need!

Lords of Acid