W-Festival - Dageist


  • Time: 12:40-13:20
  • Stage: Wave Cave

DaGeist, new wave cold wave dark wave electro band from Lille, was created in July 2008 but the current project becomes serious at start 2010. At first, the group was an opportunity to meet with friends around a new wave music passion. Then was born DaGeist...
DaGeist is trained by two members (SCHIAVONI Davide and STRZELCZYK Frederic) since 2015 coming from various musical universes (wave-batcave-electro...) with some more influences as Siouxsie and the Banshees,The cure,Joy Division,DM,Clan of Xymox,Front 242...

DaGeist sound  is a melodic blend of  new wave cold wave dark wave and electro sounds.

After a lot of gigs in Hauts-de-France and Belgium, and since December 2015, DaGeist released his first album CD « 40 » checking 8 tracks. This new CD is really welcome and well supported by audience and all critics from musical scene. DaGeist joined Danse Macabres Records.

By  his  name,  DaGeist  wishes  to  make  a  « spirit »  travel  (Das  Geist)  of  the  one  who  listens  to  him  according  to compositions rythms and shares emotions during concerts. This French band communicates exiting atmospheres : DaGeist succeeds to create his personal universe by blending old sonorities and modern electronic sounds. In other words, a big sound of analogic and fat keyboard, a coldwave bass, new wave guitar riffs, and a vocal sometimes sad sometimes punchy

For now, DaGeist plays his ten tracks’s set on French and international scenes. DaGeist  wishes to fly off, works about new tracks and prospects new stages.

During the year 2017, DaGeist played on lot of scenes in France, Paris, Germany,England, Belgium, Netherland, Italy…