W-Festival - Glamping it is!
Glamping it is!

Glamping it is!

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Thanks to the Bang & Olufsen Snoozers, our Snooze button has been buzzing like crazy the past few days! We only have a few Bang & Olufsen Snoozers left and to meet the demand of glamping, we are unveiling our comfortable and cosy Festihut Deluxe.

Book your your Festihut Deluxe at 800 € (40 € pp/night) and enjoy:

  • 4 WFest compilation cd’s
  • 4 WFest shirts
  • Daily cleaning (!)
  • Your private Toi Toi toilet (next to your Festihut Deluxe)

Each Festihut is equipped with :

  • 4 beds with comfortable mattress
  • A lockable door
  • Rechargeable LED lighting

Including access to the campsite and all its facilities.
Bring your own bedding.

The W-Fest 2017 photo-book

Created by Philippe Carly: A must have for every W-fest fan.

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  1. New gold dream (Simple Minds)
  2. Love will tear us apart (Joy Division)
  3. A forest (The Cure)


Oliver Lindner's top 3
  1. New Gold Dream Simple Minds
  2. Metal Gary Numan
  3. Ultravox Herr X


steeve's top 3
  1. depeche mode question of time
  2. simple minds alive and kiking
  3. frankie goes to hoolywood relax

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