VIP SATURDAY tickets are sold out!

VIP SATURDAY tickets are sold out!

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Ticket sale is booming! If you would like to experience our VIP village, be quick, because the number of VIP seats is limited! The remaining VIP SATURDAY tickets are only available in combination with other days.

What does this VIP ticket mean?

  • Open bar & foodtrucks
  • VIP parking
  • VIP entrance
  • Acoustic set of one artist per festival day
  • Inside & outside terrace with view on both stages
  • DJ sets between performances
  • T-shirt 2018 line-up

Book now through Eventbrite:

  • € 150,-/day
  • € 250,-/2 days
  • € 330,-/3 days
  • € 390,-/4 days


Miranda Schildermans's top 3
  1. Alice. sisters of Mercy
  2. Reigen. X mal Deutschland
  3. Promised land.skeletal Family


Segers Peter 's top 3
  1. TV Treated (The Neon Judgement)
  2. Lady Shave (Fad Gadget)
  3. A.G.N.E.S (1000 Ohm)


Arnold de Bolster's top 3
  1. Wasteland (The Mission)
  2. Alice (The Sisters of Mercy)
  3. Sequel (Fields of the Nephilim)

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