Because we know you love riddles & surprises, here’s a big one!

Because we know you love riddles & surprises, here’s a big one!

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We like to surprise our audience, to think out of the box, to boldly go where no other festival has gone before….
So once and a while, if opportunity knocks on our door, we respond!

WFest managed to lock&load the performance of the most epic group that ever walked our beautiful earth. They will bring an exclusive concert on August 15th. On the holy WFest grounds. As a stand alone concert or as opener of WFest, whatever you like! Their inspiring music makes us dance, their poetic lyrics make us ponder, it’s the crème de la créme, the absolute masters.

Who are they talking about you wonder… stay tuned for another hint tomorrow ;-)


Joerg Wallner's top 3
  1. Love will tear us apart (Joy Division)
  2. What difference does it make (The Smiths)
  3. London Calling (The Clash)


De Bock Peter 's top 3
  1. The Human League: Love Action.
  2. The Human League: Don't You Want Me.
  3. The Human League: Mirrow Man.


Jimmy Philips's top 3
  1. Fade To Grey (Visage)
  2. Quite Unusual (Front 242)
  3. Missiles (The Sound)

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