Wintersales at Winterwest

Wintersales at Winterwest

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At the beginning of January, many women transformed into a monstrous creature, maniacally looking for a bargain.

Enzo Kreft says it neatly in his Dark Matter LP, 'I do not understand it' ... :-)

But! Our Winter Festers will definitely go crazy when they see our extraordinary offer.

When purchasing 2 Winterfest tickets you will receive the latest CDs of:

  • The Breath of Life (The Falling Stars)
  • Your life on Hold (Burning For the Ancient Connection)
  • The Hermetic Electric (Feel Nothing)
  • Antipole (Northern Flux)
  • Simi Nah (Be my Guest)

For the fast ones, we throw in a surprise CD of Der Klinke and a limited cassette from Luminance.

There’s no better way to prepare for Winterfest!

Offer valid until 19.01.
Collect your package during Winterfest.
Until stock runs out, so be quick !!


The W-Fest 2017 photo-book

Created by Philippe Carly: A must have for every W-fest fan.

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