Wintersales at Winterwest

Wintersales at Winterwest

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At the beginning of January, many women transformed into a monstrous creature, maniacally looking for a bargain.

Enzo Kreft says it neatly in his Dark Matter LP, 'I do not understand it' ... :-)

But! Our Winter Festers will definitely go crazy when they see our extraordinary offer.

When purchasing 2 Winterfest tickets you will receive the latest CDs of:

  • The Breath of Life (The Falling Stars)
  • Your life on Hold (Burning For the Ancient Connection)
  • The Hermetic Electric (Feel Nothing)
  • Antipole (Northern Flux)
  • Simi Nah (Be my Guest)

For the fast ones, we throw in a surprise CD of Der Klinke and a limited cassette from Luminance.

There’s no better way to prepare for Winterfest!

Offer valid until 19.01.
Collect your package during Winterfest.
Until stock runs out, so be quick !!



Miranda Schildermans's top 3
  1. Alice. sisters of Mercy
  2. Reigen. X mal Deutschland
  3. Promised land.skeletal Family


Segers Peter 's top 3
  1. TV Treated (The Neon Judgement)
  2. Lady Shave (Fad Gadget)
  3. A.G.N.E.S (1000 Ohm)


Arnold de Bolster's top 3
  1. Wasteland (The Mission)
  2. Alice (The Sisters of Mercy)
  3. Sequel (Fields of the Nephilim)

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