What is beautiful never dies

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What is beautiful never dies

The third album of ME THE TIGER.
Free to interpret the title as you like. For the band it has several meanings - but mainly it’s about to never lose faith in what’s good or right.

Listen to the magnificent 'Hollow' from this album:


midavaine christine's top 3
  1. golden brown the stranglers
  2. london calling the clash
  3. a forest the cure


Wim Goeminne's top 3
  1. Blue Monday (New Order)
  2. Stay on these roads (A-HA)
  3. Major Tom (Peter Schilling)


michel madeira's top 3
  1. Electricity (OMD)
  2. Fade to grey (Visage)
  3. We are glass (Gary Numan)

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