Secret Service opens Synth Scene on Saturday

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Secret Service opens Synth Scene on Saturday

Oh Suzie, we’ve run out of time. Oh Suzie, say what’s on your mind. We’ve got nowhere to run...
Just run to W-Fest 2018 in August as SECRET SERVICE (Sweden) will be our opening gig on Saturday!

Their singles (Oh Suzie, Flash In The Night, Ten O’Clock Postman, ...) hit the charts in the 80’s.
They will initiate the synth scene on the 18th while Dancing in Madness.


Joerg Wallner's top 3
  1. Love will tear us apart (Joy Division)
  2. What difference does it make (The Smiths)
  3. London Calling (The Clash)


De Bock Peter 's top 3
  1. The Human League: Love Action.
  2. The Human League: Don't You Want Me.
  3. The Human League: Mirrow Man.


Jimmy Philips's top 3
  1. Fade To Grey (Visage)
  2. Quite Unusual (Front 242)
  3. Missiles (The Sound)

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