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Front 242
Sunday, august 20 : 22:50 - 00:10

Front 242

For the first time live again since 2015 and only in Belgium at the W-festival!

Front 242 is an illustrious Belgian band with worldwide fame. They emerged in the 80s and make electronic music. In their most active period they were an example for other industrial and electronic artists, and the launched the genre Electronic Body Music (EBM) . They are also considered to be the precursors of techno and New Beat.

Front 242 was founded in 1981 in Aarschot by Daniel Bresanutti and Dirk Bergen. Their first single was Principles. Patrick Codenys and Jean-Luc De Meyer of the group Understanding Viewer joined them in 1982. The next single, U-Men, was released in 1982, followed by the first album Geography in 1983. Dirk Bergen left the band in 1983 and was replaced by Richard Jonckheere (pseudonym Richard 23).

Front 242 then broke through in Belgium, and their next album No Comment was the first under the title "Electronic Body Music".

They scored their biggest success with the song Headhunter and the accompanying music video, directed by Anton Corbijn. The accompanying album Front by Front is generally considered to be their best.

The band members are also involved in many other musical projects such as 32Crash, Bigod 20, Cobalt 60, Coder23 C-Tec, Cyber-Tec Gaiden, Holy Walk, LaTchak, Male or Female, Micatone, Modern Cubism, Red Sniper, Revolting Cocks, Sabotage QCQC, Nothing But Noise and Speed ​​Tribe.

And now they are headlining on August 20 on the W-festival. It does not get any better than this !!

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